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John Cooper Learning Centre

Changing the lives of youth with learning disabilities and other challenges.


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To give every person who comes to John Cooper Learning Centre an opportunity to learn.

John Cooper Learning Centre, a charitable organization, offers both full and part time programs for youth from 6 years old. We are dedicated to supporting education, self-regulation and social skills through Direct Instruction teaching and ABA techniques. We tailor the curriculum and course materials to meet individual needs to best support the students learning style and promote success. We offer support for the youth to achieve their high school diploma. JCLC is for any child or youth that is struggling with learning with their peers.




14685 Woodbine Ave.
Stouffville, On
L4A 2G7

1 (844) 321-5252

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"1/3 of parents of children with disabilities reported difficulty in receiving special education services" (statcan) 


John Cooper Learning Centre sees the child as the person they are and the potential they have. We offer Direct Instruction, Precision teaching, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Social Thinking and Self Regulation.


Level One: 6 years old to 12 years old
Level Two: 13 years old to 18 years old
Adults: 19 years+



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