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Every child has the potential to learn at their own pace & ability.


STUDENTS THAT are not learning in the current education system they are in; that are working several years below their grade; who have not successfully achieved their high school credits; who have issues with self regulating in a learning environment; who have social skills issues; who suffer anxiety in a learning environment.

Program Structure

Direct Instruction (DI) Research

In his book titled “The Instructional Design Library” Engelmann (1980) reports that the largest body of data supporting direct instruction is the Follow Through comparisons study which involved over 15,000 children in 60 communities. Each participating school chose a program ranging in instructional approaches whose common goal was to provide successful instruction for disadvantaged children in grades K to three. This study overall found that the children in the Direct Instruction model outperformed children in all other models on total reading, total arithmetic, spelling and language.


Waldron-Soler et al.(2002) implemented DI Language for Learning (Engelmann and Osborn1999) with 16 preschool children, including four with developmental delays (DD), and compared them to a control group of 20 preschoolers, including four with DD. They found that the children with DD in the Language for Learning group had more growth in receptive and expressive language skills and greater reduction in behavior problems than children in the control group. 


A study conducted by Ganz & Flores (2008) investigated the effectiveness of a Direct Instruction language program implemented with elementary students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and found significant increases in students oral language skills, specifically the identification of materials of which objects are made, when a DI language program was implemented.  


  • It is a method where every child can be taught and can learn
  • It is aimed at a lesson a day the full school year
  • Concepts are built on over the time

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