John Cooper Learning Centre

Our Story

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Dedicated to John Cooper 1941 to 2015

In November of 2015, after many conversations with my father on my drive into work, we discussed the possibility of starting a not-for-profit learning centre. I did not realize that this would be the last topic of conversation that I would have with him.

Hence the John Cooper Learning Centre was founded.

My father would encourage me every step of the way and support me in whatever way he could. When my father and mother would come over they would either help out at Making Small Talk or help by cooking meals at home after a long day at work.

My passion was encouraged by my father when he visited as he would sit and watch me work with a smile on his face. This has given me the drive to continue and pursue my dream; to set up a learning centre for the children that are falling through the cracks in today’s education system.

I want to build a legacy centred around the love and support of family that I have  experienced and that has encouraged  me to reach my potential. To be able to share this with families and the great children that will attend the John Cooper Learning Centre is the start of this legacy.


John Cooper Learning Centre sees the child as the person they are and the potential they have.  

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Founder & Executive Director

Linda Hurren

To start John Cooper Learning Centre (JCLC) was not a hard decision to make as I continually see the struggles that many of the students I support have been through or are going through. As I began the journey of establishing a Learning Centre, I wanted there to be full support for the students in their unique learning needs and styles. I wanted the students to have a positive experience of learning despite their learning challenges and their past experiences within the education system. I believe that every student has the ability and potential to learn. Learning styles, strategies and curriculum’s may need to be adapted to support the student and enable the student to learn and to reach their maximum potential. However, by ensuring the learning bar is always raised high, students will always strive to reach their goals. JCLC will never give up on a student. JCLC will look at every factor and influence that is impacting the student to make sure they have the very best support in the areas that they require. With the Direct Instruction and the Precision Teaching Philosophy, along with our trained teaching staff at JCLC, we will support the students through their successful learning experience. John Cooper Learning Centre will fully support students to ensure they reach their educational goals.



Senior Instructor

Anne-Marie Miceli

“Fair isn’t everybody getting the same thing…Fair is everybody getting what they need in order to be successful”.
- Unknown

As an educator, I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach in the public education system and now at John Cooper Learning Centre (JCLC). Though JCLC was not an easy decision to come to I know that it is the right one. When asked why I chose JCLC, it took a lot of self-reflection in order to accurately answer that question. What I eventually realized was that I choose JCLC because its philosophy aligns closely with my philosophy of teaching and education. 

Why John Cooper Learning Centre? I believe that it is crucial to teach to the individual student. Each and every student learns differently and has different learning needs. JCLC provides me with the opportunity to truly individualize academic programs for my students, allowing me to give them the tools they need to reach their full learning potential. With smaller class sizes and more classroom support, I am better able to fully know and understand my students. With this knowledge I can work with each  student to discover their strengths and needs and furthermore, teach them to advocate for what they need in order to be successful. 

I believe that it is important to build a classroom community where all students feel safe and included. At John Cooper Learning Centre, I am able to build a more inclusive classroom community that creates a learning environment that encourages conversation and socialization. This environment is optimal for students to reach their full learning potential.